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Torch Burners
Torch Burners act as a fuel-burning tool used for applying flame and heat to various applications, usually metalworking. These burners used liquid fuel, carried in a refillable reservoir attached to the lamp. These burners to produce a flame, they use pressurized fuel gas, like propane or butane.
GT Head Burners
GT Head Burners are preferred for its features like wide broad flame, perfect for cooking range, perfect blue flame, durability and high tensile strength too. These burners are very effective and requires very low maintenance and operating costs. These burners have fast installation and simple operation.
LPG Bottom Burner
LPG Bottom Burner gives off lower greenhouse gas emissions than alternatives, and use of gas is a direct off-set to deforestation. This burner is known for its sturdy construction, high performance, energy efficient, better strength, and highly durable in nature. This burner can be easily installed and operated at nominal prices.
High Pressure Canteen Burner
High Pressure Canteen Burner is for high pressure commercial use like bulk frying and general heating requirements of hotels, restaurants, industries and pharmaceuticals, produce powerful canteen burner type blue flames. This burner is ideal for snack bars, tea stalls or for light duty usage. This burner is very effective as it requires very low maintenance and operating costs.
Cast Iron Puffer Plate
Cast Iron Puffer Plate produces long, reducing, low velocity flames for an excellent transfer efficiency in heating dies, moulds, plates, casting and large fabricated components. This plate is used for puffing phulkas which is mainly used in hotels, banquets, outdoor catering. This bhatti is very economical and has fast installation feature.
Ceramic Puffer Plate
Ceramic Puffer Plate is used in chapati fulka bhatti for best chapati result. This plate is widely used in homes, hotels and restaurants for making puffed chaptis and rotis. This puffer plate is made under the guidance of our expert professionals as per the specifications of our customers.
Stud Puffer Plate
Stud Puffer Plate is preferred for its durable finish standards, dimensional accuracy, rust resistance, high tensile strength, corrosion proof, and environment friendly. This plate is being used by our quality controllers to eliminate any kind flaw, before delivering burner to clients.
Iron Fabricated Dosa Bhatti
Iron Fabricated Dosa Bhatt is stringently checked on well-defined quality parameters to remove any type of manufacturing defect. This bhatti is mainly used to make dosa uniformly. This bhatti is extensively used in homes, hotels, and restaurants. This bhatti does not requires high maintenance and operating costs.
Casting Jali Type stainless Steel Bhatti
Casting Jali Type Stainless Steel Bhatti is an absolute example of innovation and can further be designed as per client's specifications and industrial needs. This bhatti is enormously commended and valued by our respected customers. This bhatti is very economical and has fast installation feature.